The Future of Wind Energy

There are 82GW of installed wind generation units as of 2017.  The US Department of Energy predicts that there will be 224GW  of capacity installed by 2030.

The target audience for PKE US wind energy producers and potentially wind turbine manufacturers. The first offer would be for a 50kwh battery installed in a 100kw turbine with the goal being to eventually supply turbines as large as 3MW. Several industry experts have argued that wind in the US is a commercial failure and that without tax incentives the industry would collapse. With tax incentives being dissolved for large turbines in 2020, followed by small turbines in 2022 this is a critical time to develop an effective energy storage mechanism in order to assure the continued success of the wind industry. The success of wind technology is pivotal in meeting the US green-energy goals.

The kinetic battery solves this issue by providing a powerful, new energy storage mechanism specific to wind energy. The battery is a high-speed flywheel installed in the nacelle of a wind turbine after the low-high speed gearbox located behind turbine blades and before the generator.



Next Steps...

The PKE solution may make your current project 30-50% more profitable and may make a future project without subsidies economically viable.