PKE Battery and Control System- Advantage #1

The advantages of wind turbine using the Kinetic Battery:
targeted delivery, efficiency and more capture. First advantage, the battery stores energy as kinetic energy and deploys power when needed. This allows the generator to take full advantage of competitive pricing in the wholesale market.

PKE Battery and Control System- Advantage #2

Second advantage, when energy leaves the system a backward EMF acts on the generator causing a negative torque, which causes the flywheel to slow down. By adjusting the CVT ratio the speed of the generator can be kept constant even while the flywheel slows. Normally, a wind turbine would require a transformer to convert to grid frequency. Because the kinetic battery maintains the constant speed a transformer is not necessary.

PKE Battery and Control System- Advantage #3

Third and most importantly, all wind turbines have a specific capacity which is met when wind is blowing at a rated speed. Above the rated speed the generator saturates, and no more energy can be captured, even as the wind speed continues to increase. Normally, the turbine would use a brake or adjust the blades to reduce speed. However, the kinetic battery can capture this energy, store it until the wind speed decreases below the rated speed, and then transmit the energy to the generator where it will operate at full capacity.


Economics 101 -- generate more revenue capture more energy

The kinetic battery can only do this because it is installed directly between the turbine and generator. Because other energy storage mechanisms occur after the generator has converted the rotary-kinetic energy into electrical energy, those technologies are not capable of capturing this “lost” energy.

What makes this product superior

The battery uses two continuously-variable-transmissions on either side of the battery to vary the gear ratio between the turbine and generator shafts. This in turn varies the inertia of the system. This variable inertia mechanism allows energy to be stored in the flywheel as kinetic energy while maintaining the desired speeds of the input and output.


Next Steps...

The PKE solution may make your current project 30-50% more profitable and may make a future project without subsidies economically viable.